PNC continues to work hard

The Tuckahoe PNC has been working hard as we continue to search for our next Senior Pastor. We have read over 180 PIFs and we have telephoned, Skyped, visited, and hosted a number of strong candidates. To date, however, none has emerged as the candidate who the committee believes is the right person for the position. As always, we appreciate all of the prayers from the congregation as we attempt to discern who it is that God has in mind for us and we welcome recommendations for worthy candidates.

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As the summer draws to a close…….

The Pastor Nominating Committee has been actively interviewing candidates via Skype sessions on the computer. This has been a productive process, as having a long-distance conversation when you can actually see each other makes it so much more personable. We are moving forward with visits to meet candidates and hear them preach in person. As we do so, we are still receiving PIFs from other candidates and will review them as necessary. We thank you for your corporate and individual prayers during this time of anticipation and transition for Tuckahoe.

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Summer rolls on

As described last time, the PNC has read about 150 PIFs and we have spoken to approximately a dozen candidates by telephone. We have recently held Skype (Video Conference) interviews with 4 candidates.

From those 4, we plan to follow through with the remaining 3 to try to discern if any of them is person we want to call. Of course, the candidates must try to discern if we are the church to which they feel called.

“Following through” means that we are calling references and we plan to visit them in their own churches and invite them to preach in a neutral pulpit.

Our hope is that these meetings will take place over the next 8-12 weeks. While each of the 3 candidates has strengths, until we meet each of them in person, we will not know if any of them is the one who God is calling to TPC.

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PNC rolls into summer

As school lets out and summer begins, the PNC continues its work. To date, we have received over 150 PIFs and spoken with several candidates on the phone. We have read/listened to/watched dozens of sermons. From our first round of interviews, we are preparing to speak with some of those candidates for a second time and determine who we might like to visit in person or invite to Richmond to meet with us and give a sermon in a neutral pulpit. Rest assured that the committee is working hard as we prayerfully consider each applicant and try to discern whom God is calling to be the next pastor at TPC. Please continue to pray for our work and pass along the name(s) of any candidates that you may know.

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The PNC “Springs” Into Action!

Your Pastor Nominating Committee has been meeting weekly as we continue to review PIFs received through PCUSA matching as well as presbytery- and self-referrals. It’s a good thing we like to read, as the number of PIFs on our list now reaches beyond 100!
Recently the PNC has begun conducting phone interviews with potential candidates. It’s great to put an actual voice to the people we’ve met on paper and have meaningful conversations with them. As we move forward, the next step will be to meet the candidates face-to-face. The PNC will continue to accept new PIFs and keep the congregation informed of our progress. We are not operating on a particular timetable in this process of getting to know select candidates. We hope you will continue to pray for us and for the one who will ultimately fill the role of Pastor, Head of Staff at Tuckahoe!

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What are PIFs and how do we get them?

The PNC is in the process of reviewing PIFs or Pastor Information Forms. The PIF is like a pastor’s resume but in addition to the typical name, address, education and previous employment information, the PIF also contains five narratives. These narratives are:

Church Characteristics Desired
Accomplishments in Present Call
Leadership Style
Key Theological Issues
Statement of Faith

The PNC has created a evaluation form that we use when we read each PIF. Each candidate is rated on a scale of 1 to 3 (1 is an excellent fit, 2 is a possible fit, 3 is not a fit). When we believe that we have found several candidates who are an excellent fit, we will proceed to phone interviews.

How do we get the PIFs? They come in several ways. Candidates can “self-refer” and submit their PIF to TPC via the PCUSA website. We can also do “matching”. In this process, candidates who have posted the PIFs on the PCUSA website are matched with Tuckahoe based on 10 characteristics. Of course, candidates can mail or e-mail their PIF directly to us as well. If a member of the congregation knows of a pastor who they believe would be a good fit, they are encouraged to suggest that the pastor submit a PIF.

As of this week, Tuckahoe has received approximately 45 PIFs directly from candidates either by mail or self-referral. In addition, we have done one “matching” and received 10 more PIFs that are supposed to be a good fit for Tuckahoe.

The PNC continues to meet weekly and work hard. We appreciate your prayers as we seek to find the next pastor that God is calling to Tuckahoe

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Review of PIFs begins

Tuckahoe’s Church Information Form (CIF) has been approved by the Session and by the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry (COM).  It has been uploaded to the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) website where it can be viewed by prospective pastors.  A copy has also been posted here on the PNC blog page under the heading “Church Information Form”.  The CIF tells prospective pastors about TPC and about what qualities we seek in our next Pastor.

Now that the CIF is complete, the PNC has begun the process of looking at candidates.  Each candidate has a Pastor Information Form (PIF).  The committee is working on the process for deciding which candidates should be looked at more closely and potentially interviewed.  It is an exciting time.

Candidates come via several avenues.  If any member of the congregation knows of someone whom they believe would make a good candidate, please encourage that person to read our CIF and submit their PIF if they feel called to do so.

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